SEO Trend Predictions for 2023

In this ever-changing world, marketing is also experiencing changes every day. SEO as part of digital marketing is changing the most. This is caused by the changes in the way search engines work. Due to Google’s constant changing of its algorithms, to perform well and stand your ground means to follow and keep up with these changes. However, staying ahead of them is of value too. If you are able to make good predictions they will help you prepare in advance. So, constantly working to better understand and stay ahead of these changes is a must. This is exactly why  SEO trend predictions for 2023 are as important as ever. There is always the option to have Link Department handle this and keep up with the changes professionally. But, there is a lot to be said about understanding them yourself.

SEO trends and their value

SEO is changing constantly and the past years have been a time of great change. This is due to Google’s constant demand to improve the user experience which is leading to frequent algorithm changes. It is these changes that are the key factor of change and SEO adaptation. So, SEO is quickly developing to keep up with these changes and to help companies stand out from the crowd. To stay competitive it is important to monitor the main trends and follow them as best as you can.

Content marketing infographic showing its value even in SEO Trend Predictions for 2023
Content marketing will be as important as ever in the future

In reality, although a lot is changing there are also many things that still have a strong value and influence on SEO. So, let’s see what is new and what is still important in SEO.

  • Content
  • Focus on user
  • Mobility
  • Voice search
  • AI
  • Online shopping
  • Video Marketing
  • TikTok
  • Featured snippets
  • Data Analysis is important


Content has always been King and it is still remaining one of the top factors for SEO. High-quality content is still a must but it is changing in its form and function. The key to good content is to provide value to the user. It has to respond and provide answers to key, burning, and relevant questions. Providing fast and relevant feedback to users’ queries is important. However today it is even more complex as it means that you should consider the intent and experience of the user when providing the content. In addition, it is also changing in form and function. The content is becoming increasingly visual. The users respond well to photos and especially videos. Providing such visual content is becoming the key to increased traffic and conversion.

In this way, content is changing although it is preserving the need to be fresh and relevant. This is even more emphasized by the new update issued by Google has issued a new update that focused on full user satisfaction. This so-called helpful content update emphasizes the value of originality and freshness of the content. This means that content should be oriented to providing value to the searcher and user instead of the search engine. So, Google gives priority to content that is first, fresh, and quality, and provides value to the user. Duplicate, unsatisfying content or content without substantial information is not considered well when being awarded rank or value.

Focus on user

As already mentioned focus on the user is still important. It is of paramount importance to know and understand the user to adapt to his needs. So, knowing the user’s intent and experience is crucial. This means that SEO has to analyze the intent behind every user search to provide better information and content. This is closely tied to user experience and the perception of your website and brand. These aspects are part of SEO from the beginning and today and in the foreseeable SEO trend predictions for 2023, it still holds a valuable place.


Mobility is the staple of today’s world. Millions of people use smartphones and are used to being connected and online even when on the move. In addition, most prefer using handheld and mobile devices to interact over the internet. This has led to an increase in searches from mobile devices with over 60% of all searches made from handheld/mobile devices. The predictions show that there is going to further increase in the use of mobile devices online. This consequently implies the SEO trend predictions for 2023 will be oriented toward the development of increasingly mobile-friendly web pages and functionalities. This means that you have to strive and build stable and very responsive webpages optimized for mobile device use. You also have to make sure that the content is the same across all webpage versions, and make sure ads and videos are placed and displayed well.

Cell phone drawing with player active
Video Marketing is gaining importance

So, webpage coding is changing and demanding new ways of solving the issues webpages face. This must lead to the creation of pages with faster loading times as well as added functionality. Google is actively developing tools to assess the mobile-friendliness of a web page. In addition, it is actively developing mobile-friendly tools and other developers are doing the same. However, its influence here is more profound. Today Google is moving toward predominantly crawling and indexing webpages with good mobile versions. The justification is that mobile access to the internet is the demand of the user thus making strides in that direction beneficial to their user experience. So, the future of SEO has to be connected to more mobile-oriented solutions.

Voice search

Closely connected to being mobile-friendly is the need to orient SEO activities toward voice search solutions. Not optimizing for voice search is a high mistake nowadays. Voice search is continually increasing its presents since 2019 when it was at 21%. Besides the use of Google searching the rise of voice searching and the increase in its importance are inevitable. This optimization closely connects to understanding not only the language but to recognize the user intent behind the search parameters and keywords. It demands further development and understanding of the conversation search styles and getting content in a refined way.

Optimization for voice searching is therefore closely connected to AI and smart SEO solutions. So, optimizing for voice search has to be more specific and detailed. However, this new trend is not only specific to mobile devices. It also ties into the concept of personal assistants like Alexa. In this area, the voice searches from adults are at 41% with the tendency of rising.


Artificial intelligence is growing its importance and presence in everyday marketing activities. Automation is the latest trend with plenty of new AI tools developing and taking part in online marketing. There are many upsides to using AI leading to its increasing presence. In addition to chatbots, email automation, and website personalization there are new tools in development to increase the value of AI marketing. As already mentioned it is connected to understanding the user, their search intent as well as voice searching, and understanding context and spoken word.

Online shopping

Online shopping is another trend that will be dominant in the upcoming years. Although it always had a certain popularity its increase is the result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Frequent lockdowns made people turn to the internet and increase their online shopping. Today online shopping reached unprecedented levels with the expectations it becoming the favorite way of shopping. So, we can expect the evolution of online shopping and the development of new practical tools. New tools would be oriented toward visual search from photos and videos. These will also influence the sellers and their abilities to follow up on and manage their search and sales figures, prices, reviews, inventory, etc. In addition, it is leading to making more detailed and most importantly keyword rich listings, and relevant text captions tied to videos and photos on seller websites.

Video Marketing

One of the factors greatly influencing the SEO trend predictions for 2023 is the rise of video marketing and its importance in today’s internet. Online presence and business success are no longer possible without some form of video Marketing. The power of video marketing is evident as it is able to capture attention more easily and quickly. You are more likely to rank at the top of Google’s front page if you use videos on your website. In addition, customers are more likely to interact with a company through video Marketing than through blocks of text. So, today investing in Video Marketing strategies pays off well.

Person holding a cell phone with TikTok active
Social networks like Tik Tok are increasing the value and importance of Video Marketing

This is most evident in new social networks and media tools. Tik Tok and Instagram through short videos and reels achieve incredible popularity leading to the conclusion that the SEO path is a viable one. To support this opinion Google is introducing new tools like the clip and seek markups allowing you to add data to videos. These tools let you emphasize certain video parts and give them proper descriptions and plenty of keywords as needed.

Tik Tok

As already mentioned Tik Tok is a new social media that is here to stay. As a platform, it offers users communication via short video clips, making it a prime target in already mentioned video marketing. This is what is make many marketers interested and turning to Tik Tok. Today this platform surpasses Instagram and has over 600 million users worldwide. But in addition, it is starting to serve as an alternative to Google. This is because its users are GenZ and they find it easier to use Tik Tok for their search and discovery purposes.

  • These trends make optimizing content for Tik Tok a valuable investment that has to be addressed, This basically means that companies have to, increase the use of hashtags when categorizing content and when using brand-specific and relevant keywords.
  • Extensive use of keywords in video descriptions
  • Creation of videos with relevant and up-to-date content that grabs attention and sparks interest.
  • Extensive use of added visual elements like gifs and photos.

Featured snippets

Featured snippets are a new development that is almost making ranking high in the SERP obsolete. The snippets are the first thing you see on top of a page when you type in a query. They are simply put an answer or a definition of a keyword or phrase you used in the search. As such, they provide the answer without the need to navigate and enter a page. With this functionality, they provide quick answers to users enhancing their user experience. They are in addition the main factor of engagement and provide more than 40% off responses to voice searches.

As such they are a tool that will have a bright future thus optimizing for feature snippets is important. To use them you must know about the questions you are providing answers to, know about the keywords relevant to the topic and you must have well-structured data that will appear in the results of the Featured snippets.

Data Analysis is important

Using analytics has always been important to direct and boost your SEO effort. However new trends demand that you engage in extensive data analysis and get insights. This means that marketers and site owners have to rely on and do an in-depth analysis of mobile traffic monitoring, site search bar tracking and identify top-performing pages. These elements allow you to see the factors that influence the performance, bounce rates, and engagement as well as to understand the performance and identify information gaps on web pages. However, the amount of data can be overwhelming. This is why running efficient SEO demands the development and use of automated tools.

Person looking at data and graphs
In-depth data analysis will still be as important in the future

These tools are the key to constantly assessing data and defining actions to optimize. In addition, these tools can automate certain actions so you are always on top and ahead of issues. These tools can and will do things like monitoring brand mentions and new links, analyzing content quality, reporting, keyword intent analysis, position tracking, and website crawls.

In short

Following SEO trend predictions for 2023 is key to keeping your website and SEO effort u to date. Its efficiency depends on keeping up with these changes and the changes in google algorithms. Many businesses tend to hire professionals to keep up and make them aware of these changes and their influences. However, knowing the basic trends is important for anyone doing business and marketing online.

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