The Correlation Between Authoritative Links and Ranking

In the early days of SEO, the ranking was mostly based on keyword usage within the page’s content. There weren’t any sophisticated algorithms, so this was the easiest way to rank pages. And as you can expect, the logic behind the whole process was simple. The more the keyword is used on the page, the more Google trusted you with what the page is all about. However, SEO practitioners presumably took advantage of this system. Keywords were overused and used unnaturally in the first place, all with the idea to rank higher. And it worked. But, in these times, the correlation between authoritative links and ranking did not exist.

Nowadays, however, things are a bit different. Since then, we’ve got page rank and domain authority algorithms, and many other things for measuring web rankings. With algorithms that much smarter, it’s become much more difficult to manipulate them. And that’s why dealing with the SEO side of your business properly is such an important thing to do.

To explain the link between ranking and authoritative links, we’ll have to clarify what each of these terms means. We’ll start with ranking, as it is an easier term to comprehend.


Ranking in SEO refers to the position of the website on the search engine result page. Several factors influence if the webpage will appear on the SERP and where it will appear. These are based either on the content relevance to the search term or the quality of backlinks, pointing to the page we’re ranking.

It’s worth mentioning that different search engines have different rankings. So, you may find yourself ranked in the top 3 on Bing, but that doesn’t have to mean that the situation will be the same in Google. However, since Google holds more than 90% of the market share when it comes to search engines, ranking well on it should be something you’re after.

Photo of a white stage with a podium on it.
To understand the correlation between authoritative links and ranking, you need to understand what these terms mean.

What is the Point of Ranking?

If it’s not clear from what we said already, the point of a good ranking is to gain as much traffic as possible organically. In other words, the higher your page is in the SERPs, the higher the chance is that the searcher will click on it. This, therefore, is a direct correlation between good ranking and increased traffic. And, as you probably already know, organic traffic is the best kind of traffic you can have on your site.

SEO is a method that is used for determining your ranking. And while algorithms used for this are well-guarded intellectual property that belongs to the search engines, many pieces of research have been conducted to determine what are the factors that influence it the most. At the end of the day, to know if your SEO is effective, you need to learn what it is based upon. And some of the things that seem to be on the top of all the lists are:

  • Number of high-quality backlinks
  • Internal linking and sitemap
  • Keywords in meta descriptions, titles, text, etc.
  • Site speed
  • Site optimization
  • The time that people spend on site

As you can see, links are among the most important things here, and they influence the position of your website on SERPs. That’s the first time we notice the correlation between authoritative links and ranking. And to get to the bottom of it, you need to understand what kind of links we’re talking about.

Two persons conducting a research on the correlation between authoritative links and ranking.
There are many factors that influence the ranking of your site, but links are among the most important ones.

All Types of Links Explained

A link, otherwise called a hyperlink, is a clickable object on a webpage, and it leads from one page to another. Visually, they can be represented as text, images, or buttons. Links are classified based on their destination. So, the important thing about the link is whether it leads users to another page on the same website or a different one.

Internal links are links between the pages that are all located on your website. Search engines recognize them by looking at the domain name. So, if your website is built to have multiple domains for whichever reason, know that links connecting them will be classified as external.

There are two more types of links to know about. And these are inbound and outbound links. Outbound ones are the links that lead from your website to some other domain. On the other hand, inbound links lead from other domains to yours. And the last kind is the one with the greatest SEO benefits and potentials. However, they’re also the hardest to obtain without using help from a company like Link Department.

What are Authoritative Links?

As we already explained, backlinks (inbound links) are the types of links that count the most for high rankings. In essence, Google sees it this way. If a webmaster links to a webpage located on another site, that means that the creator used the link for a reason. It may be because he likes the page because of the information found on it, or he may be criticizing what’s written on it. However, as far as the site that the link leads to is concerned, this reason is irrelevant.

Both of these links are equally good for the page that is being linked to. Connection confirms that the content is high-quality, and that is the only thing that matters in SEO. Every time your content makes someone talk, it indicates credibility and authority. So, the more links a page have, the higher its authority is, and therefore it will rank higher.

However, quantity is not the only thing that matters. On the contrary, quality is the most crucial thing these days. You can’t just pay for lots of spammy links that will get you on the first page of Google. To get there, you’ll have to use white hat link building techniques.

White hat on dried brown leaves.
It’s not easy to get authoritative backlinks, but you can create them using white-hat link building techniques.

What is the only thing you need to figure out?

So, to recapitulate what we’ve learned about the correlation between authoritative links and ranking. Having high-quality inbound links is one of the most important factors for ranking your page well on Google. These links come from authoritative sites that have credibility. The more these links you have, the higher your website will rank on the SERPs. The only thing you need to figure out is how to get them.

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