The role of brand mentions in backlink building

To be able to talk about brand mentions and the way they can impact your backlink building we have to start from the basics. Chances are you already know what brand mentions are and why are they important but here at Link Department you always get the big picture. So, without further ado, we can start our little journey.

Brand mentions and SEO

A brand mention is any online reference to a product, service, or corporation. Publications like blogs, websites with instructional materials, and even newspapers and magazines frequently make these kinds of references. Mentions of a brand have the potential to significantly alter its online standing. They instill more confidence and positivity in the brand. If you find a good reference, for example on a forum or social media channel, you may start a conversation with that audience and earn their trust. In the long run, these pleasant experiences contribute to the growth of a loyal clientele.

So the conclusion here is that when one website refers to another, it is called a brand mention. There is a common misconception in the search engine optimization (SEO) world that Google treats every mention of a domain name or URL as if it were a link. Mentions of a brand in context are a type of inferred link.

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Now that we have covered all the basics we can keep working on your SEO strategies such as link building.

Link building factor

Building your link profile by converting brand mentions to backlinks is an easy and efficient technique to expand your online visibility without producing any new content. Building links through mentions of your brand can be done efficiently. In fact, you can do it without the requirement for fresh content creation. It’s more effective than creating new material and contacting webmasters. Also, it takes considerably less time to implement.

The survey

In a survey conducted by BrightEdge, 42% of SEO professionals found that brand mention link development was one of the most underutilized strategies to rapidly (and successfully) build some fresh links for a site that has a strong brand presence. Among the most difficult components of SEO is building quality inbound connections. Google’s organic ranking algorithm relies heavily on off-site factors, so it’s crucial to take advantage of any and all quick wins you can to improve your site’s position in SERPs. For the uninitiated, a backlink (or “external link”) is a connection between two websites that conveys trust. Google sees every incoming link to your site as a recommendation.

Inevitably, the link strength of authoritative domains will be significantly greater than that of low-authority domains.
Consider that a recommendation from your former employer’s chief executive officer will carry considerably more weight than one from a coworker or someone at a comparable scale. When establishing search engine rankings, Google places a high value on these ‘votes of confidence’ from other websites.

Recent Google changes

Recent Google changes, such as Panda and Penguin, have made it harder to game the system. Getting high-quality connections to your website is more challenging than ever because of the increased penalties for using deceptive “black hat” link development strategies. The internet is rife with advice on how to improve your backlink profile; just do a search! Most of them, in fact, call for money, time, connections, and a healthy dose of luck. Fortunately, even in the year 2023, there are still a variety of straightforward link-building tactics that can provide a significant boost to your productivity and growth. Brand mention link-building is the topic at hand for this particular article.

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Google makes changes all the time so make sure to keep up with them.

Do unlinked brand mentions even matter?

Simply put, the answer is no. According to Gary Illyes, a Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, the following was disclosed in 2017: If you put out great work that gets a lot of attention online—and we don’t mean just links, and also mentions on social media and people talking regarding your branding, stuff like that—then you’re doing something right. Then keep up the excellent work! Microsoft’s Bing search engine, managed by Duane Forrester in 2016, was shown to place some emphasis on unlinked brand references.

Keep in mind

There are several things to think about before launching an email campaign requesting a brand-mention hyperlink. When evaluating the value of a mention, you should consider both the credibility of the source and the potential benefit to your website. Also, verify that any brand mentions are both favorable and pertinent. Realistically, your odds are much lower if the piece was written 5 years ago than if it were published yesterday. Keep away from “advertorial” pieces, as they are spammy and can send incorrect signals to search engines. Comment Spam – Stay away from posts with numerous irrelevant comments. To maximize the “link juice” your website receives from other websites, prioritize pages with a high Domain Authority (DA).

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Attention, attention! These are some of the things you need to keep in mind.

Before we go, a few parting words

It’s a constant effort to turn unlinked brand mentions into backlinks. There are always new opportunities and new references. It’s important to keep an eye out for unlinked brand mentions on a daily basis and capitalize on the opportunity when you find it. It’s important to keep in mind that “no” is the lowest possible response. As always, if you are having any difficulties with your backlinks or SEO strategies feel free to contact us. Outsourcing some parts of your business will make things much easier for you. After all, you are but one person, and no one can expect you to handle everything. You need to find people to rely on. Hopefully, now you know much more about brand mentions and their impact on your SEO and backlink building. Have a successful hunt!

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