The Ultimate List of Local Link Building Ideas

Local link building can even be fun. If you have the time to learn and to stay informed it can be exciting finding some new strategies and do the work. Especially when all your hard work starts paying off. But for some, this is very exhausting and that’s ok too. We all have different interests. If you are one of those who think this is exciting we will show you our list of link-building ideas and if you are one of those who find it pretty hard we will show you who can help you out. In both cases the results will be the same – your SEO will improve and to an extent so will your business.

The ultimate list

  • create social media platforms (not just the most popular ones – you need to be omnipresent)
  • find local business directories
  • find industry-specific directories
  • reach out
  • look out for sponsorship opportunities
  • collaborate with bloggers and influencers – this might be the best strategy for your local SEO
  • monitor your competitors

How do you like our list? Did you understand everything? We will talk more about details now but if you have some more basic questions we suggest you head out to the Link Department website and check out their blog. You will find a lot of useful information there and get all your answers as long as it’s SEO-related.

writing backlinks on old typewriter
This list will give you some great results over time.

The best local link building idea

Working or should we say collaborating with influencers/bloggers is currently the best link-building idea. If you are rolling your eyes seeing the word “influencer” you should know that underestimating their power is something you shouldn’t do. But this strategy has to be done right just like any other. First, you need to research influencers and bloggers in your niche. If you have a fashion blog for example and want an influencer to promote your article you need to find a fashion blogger. It’s crucial to stay inside your niche. Collaborating with the wrong influencers can be a waste of your time and money. You won’t be able to get the results you want so research first!

Social Media and the importance of it

If it’s not on social media – it never happened. This is a moto for younger generations and you do not want your business to fall into the “never happened” part. Even if it sounds silly to you right now social media are extremely important and no matter what you do for a living and what kind of a business you are running – social media will be able to help you to promote your business, your articles, and your website of course. We are not talking just about Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You need to be everywhere. Did you know that you can benefit from Tik-Tok? You just need to be creative or find someone who is. Btw – social media links count as backlinks nowadays.

social media apps
Underestimating the importance of social media is a common mistake. The one you will not make now.

Broken link building is another good idea

Broken link building can give you some amazing results. This strategy takes more time but if you have it you will be able to profit a lot. First, you need to find locally popular websites and check for broken links. Then get in touch with the owner of the site and see if you can replace that link.

Provide updated content

Just like finding broken links, you can search for websites that produce similar content to your own and look for their content that’s outdated and receives strong backlinks. You can use a tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush to help you to simplify this process. As soon as you identify the outdated content (and check if you have better and updated content) you can reach out to the site’s owner and point out just how outdated the post is and offer yours instead.

Sponsorship opportunities

This can be a great way to earn local backlinks and grow your business’ visibility. But you need to make sure that this sponsor means something to your business. This can include charities, suppliers, or events – in fact, there are so many options. You should know that local businesses’ websites receive small amounts of traffic. That means they have lower domain authorities so you cant expect some huge boost from it but this is still a decent strategy and you should try it out.

Outsourcing SEO

For the ones that want to do local link building by themselves, we showed a whole list of ideas. Now we need to show the ones who don’t want to deal with all this (or can’t). We are talking about outsourcing SEO. You can hire an SEO company and they just tell them to focus on local link-building. They can do many other strategies that your SEO will benefit from but first, you need to find a reliable SEO company.

hiring experts to help with Local Link Building
This can be a great way to improve your SEO. You just need to find someone reliable but do you need just an expert or a company? Keep reading to find out.

Company vs SEO expert

There are two good options. You can hire an in-house SEO expert or you can find an SEO company. There are other options like finding SEO experts on Fiverr platform. Still, the best option would be to stick to the first two options just to be on the safe side. Link Department will be able to help you. We hope that we helped you with local link building ideas or with your search for someone who can do this task instead of you. No matter what you choose to do your SEO will be just fine and you will soon start to notice results.

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