Why is digital knowledge important for SEO?

Digital knowledge is the most important nowadays. You can’t do much if you are not digitally literate. We are not talking about programming and such. This is the basic knowledge we are talking about. Using your computer for your own benefit and making things possible. Back in the 1950s (and that was not that long time ago) you needed to learn for years (from the books) and search for answers to be able to do anything. Nowadays you can find out pretty much anything you can think of and become an expert in a matter of days. We are living in an amazing time. We got the internet and all of the human knowledge is combined for our benefit. Do you want to test it? Let’s try it for a second and test the theory.

Testing a theory

What if we tell you that you can become an SEO expert in a few months? Everybody can become one. You just need your computer, the internet, and focus. Google is the one thing that will help you the most. You don’t have to know all the websites for learning or anything. Start by asking Google the questions you have and the answer will pop up. The answer will be from the people from all around the world who have mastered the exact same thing you are trying right now. You can even learn from their mistakes. That will make the whole process much easier. But if you don’t know how to use your computer, how to research online all that is completely useless.

testing a theory
Go ahead, test our theory. You will see for yourself how much you can learn online.

SEO 101

SEO is short for search engine optimization, but you already know this one right? It’s really just a set of practices specifically designed to improve your appearance and positioning of web pages in organic search results. To fully explain all those practices will take a lot but we know where you can see all of them and continue your research on SEO. We are talking about a reputable source of course – the Link Department. Check out the blog and you will be able to find all about SEO efforts, strategies, and campaigns. You will thank us later for this one. Now let’s see why digital knowledge is important for your SEO.

The real reason why digital knowledge is important for your SEO

If you are thinking “I don’t need this, I will find SEO experts and be done with it” you are wrong. Instead of pointing fingers, we will show you why this is wrong. Yes, you can find a reputable SEO company, and chances are they will do a great job and your website will thrive like never before. But, what if the company you hired is not doing a good job? How will you know if your SEO is helping or killing your site and how will you be able to check on their progress? Will you rely solely on their word?

shaking hands
Do you understand the importance of digital knowledge now?

Outsourcing SEO

Even if you are outsourcing you need basic knowledge. Outsourcing SEO needs to be done properly and that is almost impossible without any digital knowledge. You will even need it when you start interviewing process. It will also help you to find the right company or SEO expert. Nowadays everyone can call themselves an SEO expert. After all, there is no school for it so we have to take your word for it. But not everyone is good at it and you want a great one to work on your website.

Digital knowledge can save you money

You saw it right. If you know your way around computers and you know how to research you will easily compare prices. Let’s take outsourcing SEO as an example. You want to outsource SEO and you are interviewing a company. How will you know if they are overcharging you? The only way is to research the prices in your state/city and see what they are. That way you will know if you got a fair price or not. Of course, prices can vary because you are not paying for an hour of the time that person is working on your website. You are paying for their knowledge and expertise. But still, you need to have some insight into prices. For example, did you know that working on local SEO is not expansive at all?

piggy bank as a symbol of how digital knowledge can save you some money
You will be able to get a fair price and know who is overcharging you. That is pretty convenient, right?

Improving SEO on your own

You don’t have to hire SEO experts, if you have the time to learn you will be able to do this on your own. After all, this is not rocket science. Nothing is (except for rocket science obviously). With enough time and resources, you will easily be able to do this like a pro. We have a few tips on how to start improving your SEO by yourself :

  • start by researching keywords and relevant search queries
  • publishing completely optimized content is crucial
  • optimize your content for mobile as well
  • make sure to analyze your backlinks
  • if you have any toxic backlinks get rid of them immediately
  • check to see if you have any technical issues like broken links for example and fix them

You can do it!

Hopefully, you understood why digital knowledge is important for your SEO even if you don’t plan on working on it by yourself. We gave you some high-quality reading materials so start with that and soon enough you will be able to do everything on your own (if you have the time). Good luck!

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