What are Relationship-based Backlinks

We often talk about backlinks. Today we will be talking about relationship-based backlinks to be exact. If you check out the Link Department and see the blog you will notice that this (backlinks) is our hot topic. There is a reason for it. Backlinks are a “vote of confidence“. That confidence is shared from one site to another and that is what makes backlinks extremely valuable for SEO. Backlinks pointing to your web page tell search engines that your content has been endorsed by others.

The basics

We need to define a few key terms in order to understand the subtleties of relationship-based link-building. Creating links (also known as “link earning”) is a good place to start. When you create backlinks, you link to your website from other web pages that don’t belong to your domain. Black-hat backlinking and of course white-hat backlinking are the two main types of linking practices used by link builders. White-hat SEO techniques, on the other hand, use methods that comply with search engine terms of service and advertising rules (laws) in some countries.

White-hat backlinking that depends on more than just cold outreach is known as “relationship-based linking” (for example – contacting some site and asking them to place a link for you). Relationship-derived linking, in contrast, is used by organizations to build a natural infrastructure of sources from industry experts to connect to naturally. For this reason, agencies that specialize in building backlinks are in high demand. An agency will develop relationships and backlinks on your behalf.

writing backlinks
Now that you know the basics we can continue our little talk.

Relationship-based backlinks – simpler explanation

The new backlink is a personal connection with another person or otherwise known as a relationship. The SEO community has rediscovered old-school link-building techniques since the Google Penguin update nearly eradicated black hat SEO. And relationship-building may be at the top of that list. In the end, a link from a high-authority site is always the best link. There are a few things you can do in order to gain the trust of the person who runs a high-quality website.

Now we can talk a little bit more about how to do it. This was a simpler explanation. We all need those from time to time. Mainly because it’s hard to catch up sometimes. It’s ok if you still find all of this hard. You can simply outsource SEO and let experts handle this. You can’t do everything by yourself. Outsourcing is sometimes the only choice to get everything done right.

Let’s start backlink-building with relationship-based backlinks

To begin, you need to know exactly who the most influential people in your field/niche are. A lot of the content on these sites is very similar to what you have on your own. Because of this, numerous different websites such as yours look up to them as leaders in the field. Even only one backlink from one of these high-ranking websites is probably better than a bunch of backlinks from low-ranking websites.

You’ll need to do some research to locate influential people in a particular industry. There are, however, a number of tools that can aid in the process. A good example is the Moz FollowerWork tool. As a Twitter analytics tool/program, it has the capability of locating high-ranking social media influencers who are associated with a given keyword. You only need to type in a search term and rank the results you get according to their Social Authority score.

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Now you need to research your niche and find your ideal influencers.

Getting in touch

You should now focus on establishing relationships with the people you want to reach. don’t go ahead and send an email about it yet. Make an effort to be a little more subdued in your approach. This isn’t the time to impose your will on anyone. Before you start asking for anything, you need to make a good impression. It’s a good idea to leave comments on their blog posts. However, for the love of God, do not include your signature link in the “I really love this post” comments. Neither the blog moderator nor the author can stand it any longer. The author will respond to your comment if you can come up with something truly insightful. There is nothing better than making a well-informed comment to make a good impression.

This can then be applied to other mediums, such as social media if you so desire. Reply to tweets, and share your thoughts on Facebook, and Google Plus or a new version of it. The author will remember your name if they see you on these platforms. Continue doing this until the author recognizes you by name. After that, you’re free to send thank-you notes via email. A well-thought-out suggestion would go a long way here.

using instagram to create relationship-based backlinks
You will need to work hard to create new relationships.

Guest posts can be of help with getting relationship-based backlinks

In order to get relationship-based backlinks fast, write guest posts. You can suggest that you write/create a guest post for the other guy once you’ve established that you and he are acquainted. They’ve already figured out that you have a knack for insightful commentary. They’re surely curious by now about what you can do for them. Check to see if they allow guest posts before getting started. They may even have a ‘Write for us’ segment on their website. If this is the case, proceed to review the instructions. Once you’ve done that, call and ask for a guest post. Get the go-ahead and you’ve hit the jackpot. Hopefully, this text helped you a little bit and now you know a lot more about relationship-based backlinks.

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