How to Build High-Quality Backlinks in a Scalable Way

Even after so many years, backlinks are still a deciding ranking factor when it comes to Google searches. Users are trying to come up with ways to improve the quality of the backlinks and get the highest scores in the search results. In the past, it was all about quantity – the more your links were present, the easier was to go higher. However, the game has changed and now you should only focus on the quality of the backlinks you’re creating. So, what’s the best way to build high-quality backlinks in a scalable way? Let’s find out!

What will we do today?

Getting an external link back to your site used to be as easy as writing a bunch of articles and submitting them to some article submission site. That is not applicable in the “post-Penguin” era. Backlinks are a crucial part of SEO. While good ones can boost your site’s visibility in search engines and ultimately its revenue and reputation, bad ones can actually hurt it. If you want to be successful, you will need to learn how to construct a portfolio of high-quality backlinks.

Here, you can see the tried-and-true method for constructing inbound links. It can be implemented on a large scale, and once it is, your site’s search engine rankings should improve. If you can establish yourself as a go-to resource for search engines on a given topic, you may even see an increase in conversion rates.

welcome mat
Welcome on board – we will be discussing something important today as how to build high-quality backlinks

Do what Google wants

The most important factor in building backlinks should be following Google’s predictions and fulfilling its requirements. Even though this can sometimes be difficult to comprehend and follow, it’s necessary to make your backlink strategy truly successful. The first thing you should do is focus on quality rather than quantity. You shouldn’t go for absolutely everything in order to get more links. It’s much better to set the right goal – and that is building high-quality backlinks that really matter for your website. This way you’ll earn trust from both Google and the visitors, which will pay off in so many ways.

Similar to its users, Google thinks there must be more data out there. Organizing data (to aid the reader) is equally as important as building external links. Listening carefully to the needs of your target audience and readers will allow you to sell your wares without resorting to empty hyperbole. You must be familiar with and adhere to Google’s stated goals if you want to earn backlinks without being penalized. If you don’t follow those steps, the method won’t work. Ask yourself these questions about Google’s goal before you begin building a link to your website:

  • Can you easily navigate through my content?
  • Do I offer something of value to the websites that will link to mine?

Let’s tackle the first query first because site structure is important for successful link building. Do visitors (especially first-timers) to your site feel lost as to what they should be doing once they get there? Make sure the website is simple to use.

opening Google on laptop
We all have to do what Google wants if we want to succeed. Google is the most relevant search engine now.

Organize your content

Even if you have a lot of great content, you need to tidy it up in order for Google to find and recognize it. It’s essential to make your website easy to use and navigate, which will be useful for both users and search engines. Also, make sure to optimize for mobile. This one is not about your link-building but it’s important for your readers/shoppers.

Make others want to link to your website

If there’s a good reason why someone would link to your content – they will certainly do that. By creating some high-quality content you will be able to achieve high-quality backlinks. Making people want to read your posts should be your main priority – spend most of your time building content rather than building backlinks. You’ll see the results very soon and waste no precious time. Great content is surely one of the ways to build high-quality backlinks in a scalable way as it allows natural indexing. You’ll get a higher rank without sending any red flags to Google.

How do you achieve high-quality content?

Achieving high-quality content is easier said than done. How can you do it? By making sure everything you write is unique, grammatically correct, and provides useful information to the reader. You will also need to use your imagination and all the creativity you have. The content you create should have a strong purpose, give answers and provide reliable info to the ones seeking a solution. You shouldn’t beat around the bush but present your knowledge and skills directly and accurately, making sure the reader trusts you. Finally, the structure of your content should be easy to read, have attractive headlines, and follows a course that’s simple to understand.

writing content in order to build high-quality backlinks
It takes a lot of effort to make good content.

Use shortcuts in delivering useful information

What’s the fastest way to deliver useful information to a reader – presenting the info through an infographic? They are easy to read, eye-catching, and fresh in addition to the regular content. Finally, infographics are a perfect way to build high-quality backlinks as they will be useful to many other websites and posts. However, make sure you’re creative with this and use the tools that will help you easily create infographics in a modern, attractive way.

Create more backlink-engaging posts

It’s not only about delivering any content to your audience. It’s about creating a post that will attract an audience but also attract backlinks. Build your content by using the types of posts that generate backlinks like no other. Apart from the infographics that we mentioned already, include some of the following:

  • ultimate guides & how-to posts
  • videos 
  • quizzes
  • webinars 
  • original data/research information 

For example, ultimate guides on how to do or achieve something seem to be a very valuable asset in building backlinks. They can be used for all sorts of content so be sure to use your experience and knowledge to give people some useful strategies for achieving positive results.

Ultimate guides & how-to posts

The reason why they are so popular is that they are offering solutions. People have real problems and want to know the answers. Guides like “packing last minute for relocation”, “the best places in NYC for toddlers” and others will be often liked (providing that they have a good text) because they can help many people. That’s why it’s important to include them as part of your SEO strategy. We have an additional tip when making those guides and how-to posts. Besides making high-quality text you need to make it also easy on the eyes. Aesthetics is also an important factor when it comes to getting backlinks.

the word how
We all love those useful texts. They are very linkable.

Getting backlinks with videos

The point is to improve how visible your videos are for specific keywords when people search YouTube on Google. Fortunately, YouTube videos can have backlinks created to them in a number of simple ways, which will increase the PageRank of the video’s URL. As a result, this can increase its rankings in relevant search results (SERPs). Think of this as the bible of YouTube SEO (search engine optimization) and link building. When you’re done here, head on over to the article we left you here to read, which details every strategy for generating inbound links from YouTube to a specific URL.

Don’t forget the right anchor text so you can build high-quality backlinks in a scalable way

Excellent content is the one that’s suitable for the type of business and website it’s written for. This kind of optimization comes with picking the right anchor text for your content. The combination of brand name with some keyword variations will ensure high rankings and more readers that are truly interested in what you have to say. Anchor text gives context to the one looking for search results – users and search engines. Furthermore, the suitable anchor text will help the natural indexing of your pages and result in accurate ranking.

Use broken links to your advantage

Broken links are a common thing in creating content, especially with large websites. Locating these can be your way to build high-quality backlinks in a scalable way. Fing big websites that are relevant to your niche, and look for some broken links there. Reporting broken links is the chance to communicate with website admins and offer them your content. You can both benefit from this, so don’t forget to use this strategy as it often works very well.

Earn editorial backlinks

Your efforts to build external links will take off once you start receiving editorial backlinks from high-quality sources. You have to give a lot of value to get those links. One cannot haphazardly string words together and hope for the best. We’ll go over a few strategies that have proven successful in the past for attracting high-quality inbound links.

Skyscraper Technique

The Skyscraper technique is one of the best techniques. It is affordable and it gives results. The only problem is that it takes a lot of time to start showing results and it’s a little bit complicated. So, let’s say that for this technique you will need to have at least some knowledge. Or you will need to find a perfect guide to help you. To see more about this technique and how to include it in your SEO routine make sure to read the link we left for you.

Skyscrapers from down
This is one of our favorite techniques. It’s so great for the ones with smaller budgets and for the ones who don’t mind waiting for results.

Research Competition’s Backlinks

This can help you a lot. You can actually get some great ideas from your competitors. We all do this. The first tool we always recommend is Moz’s link explorer. Visit the website and make sure to input the competitor’s blog URL. The next step is to log in by supplying some rudimentary details. Logging into Moz will cause it to show additional details about the given URL. This is just one way to get started, there are more but you will need to research our blog to find out more.

Another great option that can help you

Does this sound a little bit too much? There is something you can do for your website, SEO and ultimately backlinks that won’t take any effort and Link Department will be glad to help you with that. We are talking about outsourcing this part of your business. Outsourcing is something that simply needs to happen when your site starts growing and your business expands. You are but one person and no matter how much you try you won’t be able to handle everything by yourself. Luckily there are people who can help you.

hiring sign
Outsourcing is often a good option to build high-quality backlinks

Give it time

We all want quick results. From time to time, you will even see agencies offering or even guaranteeing quick results. Stay away from home. Unfortunately, there’s no shortcut on how to build high-quality backlinks in a scalable way. This is a process that takes some time and is an efficient strategy. That’s why you should not waste time trying to do something ‘behind Google’s back as it can only bring negative results and waste precious time. Focus on building a solid foundation and never stop improving your backlinks strategyWe talked a lot today about high-quality backlinks and strategies that can help you. We sincerely hope that this text helped you or even gave you a general idea. You know where you can continue your research. Of course, if you ever get stuck and need a helping hand – you can always call us.

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