White Hat Backlinking Hacks for SEO

If you care about your site getting a good ranking on a search result page, then you probably know something about SEO, and about types of links that really matter in SEO. However, you should also know why you should focus on these white hat backlinking hacks for SEO.

Obviously, there are more types of SEO, white hat SEO, and black hat SEO. In western movies, black hats were used so that we could recognize who the villain was, easily. And that’s where this term came from, implying that black hat SEO means using risky practices that could hurt your business at some point. On the other hand, white hat SEO means following search engine guidelines.

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Why risk it with black hat SEO?

What are some best white hat backlinking hacks for SEO

Your business can benefit a lot from link building, so you can understand that it’s a very important aspect of SEO. Creating fresh and unique content and meaningful connecting is very important, however, it’s still important how you do it, that is what you make of link building. In order to create organic traffic, here are some of the things to consider when applying these white hat SEO backlinking hacks.:

  • Target your opportunities – focus on quality rather than quantity
  • Create a connection before dropping the bomb
  • Prepare to get rejected – even when using these white hat backlinking hacks


Some links are more powerful than others. While links on the sites of higher authority are definitely something to aim for, it doesn’t mean that other sites can’t be meaningful as well. What you should do is practice the way you do the outreach, as it probably is one of the most powerful link building strategies.

Before we get to smaller hacks, you should know that it all somehow comes down to the power of outreach.

When contacting the prospect, you want to acquire the link of course. However, do not drop the bomb right away. When outreaching for backlinks, you need to know how to write an outreach mail.

Introduce yourself, and say that you’re enjoying the content on the webmaster’s site and that you’re writing an article related to that subject. Ask if they’d like to see it, as you’d appreciate their opinion. And wrap it up by asking a question regarding the subject. As you can see, this is a personalized mail, rather than a cold mail, and there’s a much greater chance that you’ll get a response.

Internal linking 

Most people overlook the importance of internal linking, but the are many reasons why it’s still important. First of all, you’re the one in control here. Next, these links help you transfer link equity between your pages.

However, be careful when using targeted keywords in the links on most of the pages of your website. This could be regarded as spam by Google.

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There are many tricks you can use to your advantage


Simply ask your colleagues, acquaintances, or even better, friend, to add your link in their “Friends” blogroll. However, keep in mind that if they do that, you should also put the link of that blog on your site, too, as it’s a rule of etiquette

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a way to get powerful backlinks with faster ranking. It might be a slow process but it could result in a low number of links, but keep in mind that these links could be very valuable to your site. Pitch bloggers that are related to your industry and ask them if they would publish your blog post. There are many bloggers that will allow you to post links to your website, and these links will give you the exposure. Of course, if you’re posting on sites with greater authority, even better.

Guest posting is also great because you’re the one who controls the context around your brand, and you get to include the right keywords. However, ensure you create quality content with the audience in mind.

Word of caution – do not pay for links, since it’s against Google’s guidelines. If someone does ask you to pay, or demands that you pay for a link, keep in mind that this is an opportunity you should avoid.

Asking for credit

You can always ask your partners and clients if it would be all right to out to put the name of your brand on their website, in the footer or somewhere else. However, make sure it’s the right time to ask them for this, usually, it should work when they’re in a good mood, especially if you’re the reason for this.

Your suppliers and distributors can also contribute with the link to your site. And the reason why they might accept is that you’re paying them. Even though you’re not paying them for that exactly, it doesn’t hurt to ask them.

Writing testimonials and case studies

Why would writing testimonials or case studies work? The reason is that business owners like to see clients using their products. So, after you share your testimonial with them, you can ask them to put it up on their website.

Writing a case study is where similar, it’s the same tactic. However, the case study itself goes deeper and gives more information on how you use this product.

Creating video tutorials and audio guides

You can consider creating video tutorials with a link back to your site and share them on forums. However, there’s one idea that could be more interesting. You can create an audio version of an ultimate guide. However, you should choose a niche and more importantly, choose a website with many backlinks pointing to it, a website that’s shared on social media.

The whole point is that the creators of ultimate guides will probably love that you made an audio version and they will share it on their website.

Audio guide, one of the useful white hat backlinking SEO hacks.
How are white hat backlink hacks for SEO and audio guides connected?

Find what works for you

These white hat backlinking hacks are very helpful and will do great as a starting point. However, as SEO evolves, it all comes down to you and how you’re going to use these hacks to your advantage.

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